Security Services

Close Protection

Aurelius Security & Protection offer overt and covert protection designed around the client’s needs and includes:

  • Protecting clients from external threats such as terrorism, stalkers, over-enthusiastic fans or supporters.
  • Protecting clients from internal threats such as industrial espionage and issues within the workplace.
  • Planning and research to identify and interdict threats and protect clients from any potential threat.
  • Accompanying clients and/or their families to business, social or sporting events ensuring that they can relax.
  • Residential security ensuring clients homes are secure for themselves and their family in an unobtrusive and virtually unseen manner.
  • Executive drivers and vehicles where required to suit client needs and requirements.
  • All protection can be overt, covert or a balance between the two so as to have as little effect on family or business life as possible.

Manned Security

We can supply guards for any purpose, retail, factories, sites etc

All guards are trained and licensed to SIA Standards, many have undertaken an anti-terrorism course and can be on site in as little as one hour from request.

High Value Cargo

Aurelius Security & Protection Ltd can supply experienced escorts for your high value asset from Point A to Point Z and all in between.

We use low profile, but highly equipped vehicles with cameras, Satellite Navigation, phones, radios, and 1st Aid kits.

In short, we use anything that could be required in an emergency, along with beacon’s/signage for use only when necessary, i.e. within factory grounds, ports etc.

Surveillance / Investigation

Do you own a business where the profits should be higher, where stock is going missing but can’t just put your finger on the problem?

Do you have staff who have had an accident at work, are making an insurance claim but you know they are perfectly alright living a normal life and who refuse to come back to work?

An investigation could just be the answer you need. Contact us for a confidential conversation.

We understand that this can be a very sensitive issue within businesses and families and take confidentiality very seriously indeed.


As in all walks of life progress is constantly being made and security is no exception.

Aurelius Security & Protection Ltd can provide clients with an independent overview of their security and assess whether it is now suitable for their needs.

We work with a range of other providers and will recommend the best solution to suit a client’s requirements, whether it be electronic, physical or manned security and will always be honest with a client.

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