Surveillance/Private Investigations

 Published: Wed, 12 Feb 4:05 PM

Surveillance is used for many different reasons, from the detection of crime, to corporate fraud, to matrimonial issues, Insurance fraud and many more. We provide surveillance services all over Enniskillen and many other towns and villages throughout Fermanagh

Domestic surveillance is a growing industry due to the numbers of fraudulent claims and disputed divorce cases. We will provide court quality evidence if required to expose the fraudulent claimants thus saving the client money in settlements which are not genuine.

Our experienced field operators come from former police and military backgrounds who work in small private investigation or large observation teams to combat fraud, blackmail and industrial espionage to personal and corporate businesses. We work to the highest operational standards and can help quantify your relationship, trust and understanding of any individual or organisation.

Solicitors Support Services

With a need for cost effective service provision in the legal sector, we offer support that exceeds your expectations time after time. Our information sources, process servers, statement takers and researchers enable us to track down the evidence or the people you are looking for.

Collect Evidence & Strengthen Your Case

It's a sad truth that many employees think that they can get away with faking or exaggerating illnesses and injury at work, stealing stock and behaving inappropriately in many different ways. You can gain the upper hand though, with assistance from our investigators who will gather the evidence you need to take action against those dishonest employees.

Together with you we will determine the most cost effective method to resolve your particular problem, be it stock or equipment theft, computer misuse etc.

We can make test purchases, go undercover in your workplace, test your security and check on your suppliers, clients and staff.

We will gather evidence for you, including evidence from witnesses, surveillance, database, financial and asset investigation, telephone numbers and residency.

The evidential reports will be prepared and tailored to your instructions, and can include audio/visual recordings as required.