Surveillance/Private Investigations

Surveillance is used for many different reasons, from the detection of crime, to corporate fraud, to matrimonial issues, Insurance fraud and many more. We provide surveillance services all over Enniskillen and many other towns and villages throughout Fermanagh Domestic surveillance is a growing ind...

 Wed, 12 Feb 4:05 PM

Security Guarding

Security Guarding

Security Guarding training lasts 20.5 hours minimum and includes 3 modules, Working in the Private Security Industry, Conflict Resolution and Physical Intervention with a multiple choice test or practical test for each module. We recommend that learners take the Door Supervision Course as this offer...

 Wed, 12 Feb 4:12 PM

Residence Security

Aurelius Security & Protection can provide experienced trained and registered personnel to safeguard you, your family and your home in a discreet and secure manner with little or no inconvenience to you or your family.

 Wed, 12 Feb 4:01 PM

Mobile Patrols

Aurelius Security & Protection are able to offer mobile patrols to cover large areas or several different sites in the Enniskillen area or elsewhere. These patrols are tailored to the risk or threat and can include a foot patrol of areas at risk.

 Wed, 12 Feb 4:04 PM

First Aid

Aurelius Security & Protection can offer a full range of First Aid courses in Enniskillen (First aid at work, emergency first aid and Defibrillator training) to individuals and companies both inside and outside the security industry and can tailor courses to suit your requirements. Emergency Fi...

 Wed, 12 Feb 4:13 PM

Event Security

There are many different facets to event security such as entrance security and searching, campsite patrolling to ensure regulations such as no fires are adhered to, prevention of theft and other illegal activities, response teams to deal with on-site incidents, stewards who are trained to ensure th...

 Wed, 12 Feb 4:01 PM

Door Supervision (Level 2)

Door Supervision training lasts 30 hours and includes 4 modules, Working in the PrivateSecurity Industry, Door Supervision, Conflict Resolution and Physical Intervention with a multiple choice test or practical test for each module. Where possible courses are arranged to suit those taking part.

 Wed, 12 Feb 4:11 PM

Door Supervision

Aurelius Security & Protection operates in prestigious locations and can provide your pub, club or hotel with trained, registered and experienced staff to ensure the comfort and safety of your patrons. All our supervisors are mature, level headed individuals who have been trained to SIA approved...

 Wed, 12 Feb 4:00 PM



Aurelius Security & Protection Ennsikillen offer a Consultancy service to anyone to review their security whether it be existing security or to evaluate the security need. This could be to provide security personnel or recommend electronic security devices such as alarms or CCTV and a reliable e...

 Thu, 29 Aug 4:08 PM

Close Protection (Level 3)

Close Protection Courses last for a minimum of 150 hours with pre course learning an essential part of the training. The course itself is a combination of practical and classroom training with four written assessments, a final multiple choice test and a final exercise to bring together all of the co...

 Thu, 29 Aug 4:08 PM

Close Protection

Close Protection

Aurelius Security & Protection Enniskillen can offer professional trained, registered and vetted Close Protection Operatives (body guards) to you who have experience in Enniskillen and many other parts of the world and who have all a police or military background. We assess threat levels on an o...

 Wed, 19 Feb 1:55 PM

Asset Security

Aurelius Security & Protection can provide static security for your business, whether it is a manned barrier, reception security, retail security or store detectives and includes building sites, business premises such as manufacturing plants or factory and any other type of asset or area requiri...

 Wed, 12 Feb 4:04 PM